Daily Tip: April 26, 2000
Marking Your Territory
Some advice on how three people can politely share one tent. Add three bodies to a tent and you create some interesting dynamics. Here's what our testers learned while in the field:
* Locate the person with the smallest or weakest bladder next to a door.

* Put the smallest person in the middle facing the opposite direction of the taller folks. This reduces inadvertent (and intentional) elbowing.

* Dump as much gear as possible in the vestibule or outside. For gear that must come inside, allocate pockets and specified storage areas.

* At home, ask if anyone in the group snores. If so, be prepared and bring earplugs plus a camping pillow. If the noise penetrates the earplugs, you can use the pillow to smother the offender in his sleep.

* Take turns getting dressed so you're not bumping heads and brushing condensation off the ceiling.

* Choose the smallest hiking partners you can find.